Comprehensive self-protection in vehicles


Introducing Savaif

The first comprehensive protection system to save the lives of people who are trapped by the fire with their vehicle.


It is a product conceived and designed with the idea of saving human lives.


It is adaptable to all types of vehicles, with different shapes and sizes.


Easy to install on any vehicle and quick to install: protection in less than 1 minute.


Any. It is a system that does not require water to function.


It protects the occupants of the vehicle as well as the vehicle itself.


It is economic. It does not require maintenance if it is not used.
To whom is SAVAIF addressed
  • To all the personnel involved in the extinction of forest fires.
  • Municipalities with population nuclei in forest land that need to evacuate with guarantees.
  • Individuals living in forest areas, who have to leave their home due to the presence of a forest fire.
What are the differences between the current techniques of self-protection with vehicles by entrapment by the fire with the SAVAIF system?

The current maneuvers carried out by the extinguishing equipment nowadays require a lot of personnel, they also depend on the amount of water in the pumper that can carry at that time, determined by the amount of water that counts, and above all, the time necessary for its correct execution. The problems generated by this type of techniques are the following:

  • Total dependence on water.
  • A large number of people to perform a correct maneuver.
  • The protection time of this maneuver will depend on the amount of water in the tank of the pumper.
  • Not all forest firefighters units have a pumper.
  • The maintenance per year of these systems is usually very expensive.

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